What Is Electrician’s Insurance?

Whether you’re self employed or running a business as an electrician, it is important to make sure you are covering yourself when it comes to making mistakes on projects. This doesn’t just apply to the big contractors, this counts for all domestic, commercial and industrial contractors, big or small, you’re only human, and making mistakes can happen.


Electricians Insurance is something that protects you, protects your business and your equipment if something goes wrong. As an electrician in any level of the field, you are working to a certain amount of risk every single day, so really, it can become a no brainer when it comes to getting covered from all angles. 

Even after acquiring accreditation, experience and training, you and your business is not immune to the high risk environments you will work in over the course of your career. Here are some of the insurance policies that we recommend electricians use.

  • Public Liability Insurance: Although insurance is not legally compulsory for electricians, it is highly important to have. Public Liability Insurance is essential for any electrician at any level and the investment is completely worth the protection it provides. The insurance covers for claims raised by members of the public against you or your business relating to injury or damage to their property. The insurance covers you for claims made against you or your business after the work has been finished too. 
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance: This insurance is a legal requirement by anybody who runs a business, employing members of staff or sub-contractors. Employers must take full responsibility for the safety of their employees both at work and whilst in transit. This insurance is designed to cover the costs of legal fees and medical fees that may arise with employees, but should not be used as an excuse to be reckless with the health and safety of employees and making them aware of their risks by prioritising training opportunities.
  • Buildings cover: Depending on the size of your business, you may have a headquarters or an office building that will need insurance cover. The aim of this insurance is to cover for theft, floods and many other damages or interruption to your business properties. 
  • Business equipment cover: This cover does exactly what it says on the tin, it covers your equipment which is a great cover to have as an electrician. Business equipment insurance will cover you for theft, damage and misplacement.
  • Tools cover: For an electrician their tools are their trade and can be extremely expensive to replace, which is why it makes perfect sense to cover them for damage, theft, or loss. 

Overall, we really recommend looking into your insurance options as an electrician, and many specialists companies will provide insurance policies that bundle most of the above into one policy. Shop around and find the best fit to make sure you, your business and your employees are protected.