Making Your Commercial Building More Energy Efficient

There is so much information on how to make your home more energy efficient, with the big energy companies making their main marketing focus on residential energy efficiency. However, lots of the residential tips and tricks do in fact work for commercial premises too! Here are some of the ways you can make your commercial building more energy efficient. 



Outsourcing for an energy audit is the perfect way to find out what exactly you can improve on when it comes to making your commercial premises more energy efficient. It allows you to find the route of your weaknesses, especially if you have noticed that your energy consumption is high, an audit could be crucial. 


Programming your lighting can make a massive difference to your energy bills and see your commercial premises improving its energy efficiency. This seems like an obvious point, but over 70% of wasted energy consumption is from unnecessary use of lighting in both the home and commercial premises. An easy and modern way to reduce your energy consumption is to install timers or motion sensor lighting that will ensure that wasted use of lighting is kept to the very minimum.


Educating and instilling the importance of energy efficiency into the employees working in your commercial premises is a key factor to making a start on improving the amount of energy your business is using. It is important to teach and remind your employees to follow energy saving guidelines and make energy efficiency a priority when using the environment. 


As well as having excellent practices and energy saving tools inside your commercial premises, it is important to be consistent with the maintenance on your energy sources and the building in general. Keeping your systems and building in good nick, including recognising faults as soon as possible can be really important to your mission to become more energy efficient. 

UK Electricals can assist you with your energy efficiency journey from performing audits to helping you to make a decision on useful tools that can preserve energy resources. We have a full range of energy saving services for commercial premises to take advantage of.