Maintaining Your Exterior Lighting

Something that is often overlooked by business owners and commercial landlords is the importance of exterior lighting maintenance. The most common issues for exterior electrics are usually caused by negligence, which leads us onto how you should be maintaining your exterior lighting. You should be doing, at the very least, regular yearly checks on your outdoor lighting systems, whilst doing this we have a few tips on how to optimise the light shed on your premises. 



Seems like a no brainer right? Changing bulbs when running a business can easily fall to the back of your mind, so make sure you are on top of burned out or weak lighting on the exterior of your building. Weak lighting and burnt out bulbs can be detrimental to your business in ways you may have not considered. If you have CCTV on your premises and your lighting is weak, should you incur a break in you may find that the footage isn’t as useful as it could be if the lighting had been taken care of properly. Another example of how it can be detrimental is when it comes to health and safety, weak lighting or burnt out bulbs can create a number of healthy and safety risks to you, your employees and your customers.


Regular cleaning of your exterior lighting can be more beneficial than you may think. Weak lighting can simply be caused by dirty casing, which can easily be fixed with a bit of elbow grease. You can lose a lot of illumination from dead bugs and dirt, you may be surprised by the results and how effective a good scrub of your exterior lighting can be. 


If there has been a bout of severe weather, it is important to go around the premises exterior and check for damage caused by the weather. Commonly, you can find wiring that has been exposed or damaged during bad weather, or casing has been lifted away from the bulb. This procedure will help with the prevention of unexpected issues further down the line, so it is really worth that 10 minute examination of your exterior lighting. 


Another tip that seems like a given is trimming plants & branches around lighting, however it is very easy to neglect this necessary task. Lighting can easily be effected by overgrown plants & trees covering their path of light, and can be just as easily fixed by regularly trimming. 

Overall, there are so many ways to improve and maintain your exterior lighting and ultimately, your exterior lighting can be easily maintained with regular inspection and being conscious of the potential issues that can occur. Prevention is everything when it comes exterior electrics, but should you run into problems, UK Electrical are experts in exterior maintenance and repair.