Avoiding Electrical Fires In The Workplace

There is a hazard in the work place that is often over looked and forgotten about – electrical fires. Despite the efforts to raise awareness on this huge hazard, the number of electrical fires in the workplace has continued to increase. The increase is often blamed on the continuous increase of technology use in the workplace – more wires connected to electricity equals a higher risk in electrical fires. In this post we’re exploring the ways you can actively decrease the chance of electrical fires in your workplace and avoid experiencing one of the most dangerous hazards in the workplace.



Faulty wires were recently found to be the highest cause of electrical fires in commercial and industrial premises. It seems like a no brainer to replace wires and appliance that are not fully functional or damaged, however it’s easy for this to be forgotten about or not noticed for prolonged periods of time. We recommend that you make regular weekly checks of all wires in the workplace, removing and replacing those faulty appliances and wires as soon as you discover them.


It seems like a no brainer right? But many workplaces do not check their fire alarms regularly enough, especially smaller businesses and home offices. You should check your fire alarm every single day and should be able to do this with a simple press of a button. 


Leaving your computer systems and other appliances in the workplace on the standby mode is not good enough when it comes to contributing to the prevention of electrical fires. Making sure that all appliances and anything connected to electrical mains is disconnected and turned off correctly at the end of a working day will drastically decrease the chance of an electrical fire in your workplace. 


If you have flickering or discolouring bulbs in the workplace, this issue could escalate rapidly and cause an explosion that consequently causes an electrical fire. Being vigilant with the lighting in your workplace is essential for the safety of you and your employees, and something that is usually easy to fix with a simple bulb change. Don’t put it off and if you think there may be an issue with the circuit, contact a professional team like UK Electrical to assist you with the next steps to making your workplace as safe as possible. 


Being consistent in your efforts to reduce electrical faults and fires specifically is important. Carry out risk assessments as frequently as possible to prevent issues in your workplace and protect your equipment and employees. If you’re not sure about where to start or how to be more vigilant with your electrical safety, UK Electrical would love to help!