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A Quick Guide To Using Solar Energy To Power Your Business

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly preferred source of energy for homes and businesses alike. We are even now building new properties with solar panels as standard so that sustainable energy will become a more attractive option to home and business owners when they lease or purchase a property.


Before you take the leap to solar energy it is really important to understand what the benefits and consequences can be when transitioning to solar power.


The benefits of solar power are already extremely heavily documented, and without a doubt outweigh their negative counterparts.

  • Solar power will save you money over time on energy bills as you will be generating your own energy resources.
  • It allows you to do your bit for the planet. Our non-renewable energy sources are running shorter and shorter, not only that, they can be extremely detrimental to the atmosphere. Using solar power will mean you are using a sustainable energy source that does not have a negative effect on the planet. 
  • Low maintenance costs means you won’t have to worry too much about your solar panels too much. Getting them cleaned maybe two or three times a year will just keep them running efficiently. 


Although solar energy power has so many positive benefits that will save you money and contribute towards a cleaner, healthier planet, there are some disadvantages.

  • If you do not get around 5 hours of good sun light a day, you will struggle to power your business sufficiently to get you through the day. 
  • They come with an initial expense, if you do not have the solar panels already installed or the budget to spend on solar panels you may find that they will be an expense that you cannot afford. 

We recommend a gradual transition into solar energy, by using your solar energy on your smaller scale electrical resources before fully committing to a 100% solar fuelled building. There are so many variables of solar panels and as technology continues to develop, solar panels are coming in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs and demands of domestic and business premises. 

Maintaining and having a good understanding of your solar equipment should be the biggest priorities when you take the leap into solar energy. Having high expectations of the energy source without doing your research can reduce the ability of your panels and be detrimental to your supply. Making sure that you thoroughly research and fit the right solar panels for your premises, will optimise the results of your energy supply. 

At UK Electricals we can help you to gain a better insight into how you can get the most from your energy saving efforts and we can carry out an audit of your premises that will offer results that will enable you to make a better educated decision on changing your energy supply to something more sustainable. 


What Is Electrician’s Insurance?

Whether you’re self employed or running a business as an electrician, it is important to make sure you are covering yourself when it comes to making mistakes on projects. This doesn’t just apply to the big contractors, this counts for all domestic, commercial and industrial contractors, big or small, you’re only human, and making mistakes can happen.


Electricians Insurance is something that protects you, protects your business and your equipment if something goes wrong. As an electrician in any level of the field, you are working to a certain amount of risk every single day, so really, it can become a no brainer when it comes to getting covered from all angles. 

Even after acquiring accreditation, experience and training, you and your business is not immune to the high risk environments you will work in over the course of your career. Here are some of the insurance policies that we recommend electricians use.

  • Public Liability Insurance: Although insurance is not legally compulsory for electricians, it is highly important to have. Public Liability Insurance is essential for any electrician at any level and the investment is completely worth the protection it provides. The insurance covers for claims raised by members of the public against you or your business relating to injury or damage to their property. The insurance covers you for claims made against you or your business after the work has been finished too. 
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance: This insurance is a legal requirement by anybody who runs a business, employing members of staff or sub-contractors. Employers must take full responsibility for the safety of their employees both at work and whilst in transit. This insurance is designed to cover the costs of legal fees and medical fees that may arise with employees, but should not be used as an excuse to be reckless with the health and safety of employees and making them aware of their risks by prioritising training opportunities.
  • Buildings cover: Depending on the size of your business, you may have a headquarters or an office building that will need insurance cover. The aim of this insurance is to cover for theft, floods and many other damages or interruption to your business properties. 
  • Business equipment cover: This cover does exactly what it says on the tin, it covers your equipment which is a great cover to have as an electrician. Business equipment insurance will cover you for theft, damage and misplacement.
  • Tools cover: For an electrician their tools are their trade and can be extremely expensive to replace, which is why it makes perfect sense to cover them for damage, theft, or loss. 

Overall, we really recommend looking into your insurance options as an electrician, and many specialists companies will provide insurance policies that bundle most of the above into one policy. Shop around and find the best fit to make sure you, your business and your employees are protected.

5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Contracted Electrician

If you’re not an expert on electrical matters then you’re not alone, in fact no electrician would expect you to fully understand the full electrical workings and systems in your commercial building. That is why it is important to hire a contracted electrician that can take care of all of your electrical concerns and maintenance. It is also important to know what questions to ask your electricians and have a good understanding of what you need to expect from them when protecting the electrical running and maintenance of your business. In this post we will be detailing the 5 questions you should ask your contracted electrician before hiring them.



First of all you should be checking out what approved schemes and accreditation’s your potential contracted electrician are involved in and have completed. You should benefit from additional protection if your contractor is registered and accredited correctly. You can also contact schemes and bodies to double check they are definitely registered and approved.


You may feel uncomfortable confronting your contractor about registered schemes and accreditation, if that is the case, simply ask your potential electrician to see their paperwork. Understand that you are more than within your rights to ask for this when working with any electrical contractor, and any electrician should be willing to show you this without questions asked. Anyone unwilling, will likely to be untrustworthy and should set alarm bells ringing. 


Another important question to ask is for references. This will ultimately give you peace of mind if they have worked well with other clients and have outstanding feedback from customers. If you do obtain references ask them about the work they carried out, their efficiency and their reliability. 


Making sure you have all the costs covered and understood mutually will save you from some nasty shocks in your invoices. Make sure all areas of work have been priced up and make sure that includes out of hours and emergencies. 


Finding out how confident a contractor is willing to be when it comes to their professionalism and their quality of work is another important question to ask. Can they offer you a warranty or guarantee on their work? 

Making sure you ask all of these questions will help you get a better understanding of what you’re being offered by your contractor and how they react to these questions offers so much more weight in their confidence in their abilities and their commitment to their craft. UK Electricals would happily answer any of these questions and provide evidence with ease, so if you’re still on the look out for the right contracted electrician – we could be the answer to all of your electrical needs. 

Avoiding Electrical Fires In The Workplace

There is a hazard in the work place that is often over looked and forgotten about – electrical fires. Despite the efforts to raise awareness on this huge hazard, the number of electrical fires in the workplace has continued to increase. The increase is often blamed on the continuous increase of technology use in the workplace – more wires connected to electricity equals a higher risk in electrical fires. In this post we’re exploring the ways you can actively decrease the chance of electrical fires in your workplace and avoid experiencing one of the most dangerous hazards in the workplace.



Faulty wires were recently found to be the highest cause of electrical fires in commercial and industrial premises. It seems like a no brainer to replace wires and appliance that are not fully functional or damaged, however it’s easy for this to be forgotten about or not noticed for prolonged periods of time. We recommend that you make regular weekly checks of all wires in the workplace, removing and replacing those faulty appliances and wires as soon as you discover them.


It seems like a no brainer right? But many workplaces do not check their fire alarms regularly enough, especially smaller businesses and home offices. You should check your fire alarm every single day and should be able to do this with a simple press of a button. 


Leaving your computer systems and other appliances in the workplace on the standby mode is not good enough when it comes to contributing to the prevention of electrical fires. Making sure that all appliances and anything connected to electrical mains is disconnected and turned off correctly at the end of a working day will drastically decrease the chance of an electrical fire in your workplace. 


If you have flickering or discolouring bulbs in the workplace, this issue could escalate rapidly and cause an explosion that consequently causes an electrical fire. Being vigilant with the lighting in your workplace is essential for the safety of you and your employees, and something that is usually easy to fix with a simple bulb change. Don’t put it off and if you think there may be an issue with the circuit, contact a professional team like UK Electrical to assist you with the next steps to making your workplace as safe as possible. 


Being consistent in your efforts to reduce electrical faults and fires specifically is important. Carry out risk assessments as frequently as possible to prevent issues in your workplace and protect your equipment and employees. If you’re not sure about where to start or how to be more vigilant with your electrical safety, UK Electrical would love to help!


4 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Commercial Lighting

Your commercial premises is the hub of your business and brand, so getting every aspect of the design and appearance of it is usually a top priority for business owners. An extremely common mistake and issue at commercial premises is installing the wrong lighting for the building. Creating a comfortable and appealing place to work for your employees is just as important as in turn, creating an attractive and welcoming environment for customers to visit. It’s easy to overlook how important lighting can be to our surroundings, especially how it can have a huge impact on our mood. Many businesses are victims of this faux pas, and is why in this post, we are exploring the four mistakes to avoid with your commercial lighting. 


The quality of your lighting is first and foremost, something worth considering. There is absolute no reason in 2019 why anyone should be using the bog standard bulbs over LED lighting. There are so many benefits to yourself and your business, the main benefit being the energy saving qualities that LED lighting provides, which consequently helps the environment and will save you more than pocket change on your electric bills.


Lack of lighting at your commercial premises can be beyond detrimental to your business. A business sat in the dark creates an image of gloomy and negative, it doesn’t exactly invite people in. All of your lighting should serve an identified purpose. Outdoor lighting should be provided to offer safety for your customers and make sure your advertising, offers and branding is all well lit to attract eyes to the areas you want customers to focus on.


Having one strip of bulbs running through the middle of the ceiling at your business premises is not enough to optimising the attraction of customers. Using a variety of lighting and fixtures to add to the decor and the atmosphere of the building. Obviously, all of the lighting and fixtures need to compliment each other and offer purpose, but getting creative with how you use your lighting is a great way to create a pleasant atmosphere. 


Relying on artificial lighting can be a necessity for some businesses, however if you can use natural lighting at certain parts of the day it’s important to use it. Natural lighting is by far the best lighting, and should be utilised where available. Not only is it free to use and safe for the environment, it is proven to boost moods, great for your health and promotes productivity. 

If you are not sure what lighting your commercial premises needs, or how you can upgrade or improve your current lighting and fixtures, UK Electrical would love to help! You can find out more about our services here




Maintaining Your Exterior Lighting

Something that is often overlooked by business owners and commercial landlords is the importance of exterior lighting maintenance. The most common issues for exterior electrics are usually caused by negligence, which leads us onto how you should be maintaining your exterior lighting. You should be doing, at the very least, regular yearly checks on your outdoor lighting systems, whilst doing this we have a few tips on how to optimise the light shed on your premises. 



Seems like a no brainer right? Changing bulbs when running a business can easily fall to the back of your mind, so make sure you are on top of burned out or weak lighting on the exterior of your building. Weak lighting and burnt out bulbs can be detrimental to your business in ways you may have not considered. If you have CCTV on your premises and your lighting is weak, should you incur a break in you may find that the footage isn’t as useful as it could be if the lighting had been taken care of properly. Another example of how it can be detrimental is when it comes to health and safety, weak lighting or burnt out bulbs can create a number of healthy and safety risks to you, your employees and your customers.


Regular cleaning of your exterior lighting can be more beneficial than you may think. Weak lighting can simply be caused by dirty casing, which can easily be fixed with a bit of elbow grease. You can lose a lot of illumination from dead bugs and dirt, you may be surprised by the results and how effective a good scrub of your exterior lighting can be. 


If there has been a bout of severe weather, it is important to go around the premises exterior and check for damage caused by the weather. Commonly, you can find wiring that has been exposed or damaged during bad weather, or casing has been lifted away from the bulb. This procedure will help with the prevention of unexpected issues further down the line, so it is really worth that 10 minute examination of your exterior lighting. 


Another tip that seems like a given is trimming plants & branches around lighting, however it is very easy to neglect this necessary task. Lighting can easily be effected by overgrown plants & trees covering their path of light, and can be just as easily fixed by regularly trimming. 

Overall, there are so many ways to improve and maintain your exterior lighting and ultimately, your exterior lighting can be easily maintained with regular inspection and being conscious of the potential issues that can occur. Prevention is everything when it comes exterior electrics, but should you run into problems, UK Electrical are experts in exterior maintenance and repair. 

Making Your Commercial Building More Energy Efficient

There is so much information on how to make your home more energy efficient, with the big energy companies making their main marketing focus on residential energy efficiency. However, lots of the residential tips and tricks do in fact work for commercial premises too! Here are some of the ways you can make your commercial building more energy efficient. 



Outsourcing for an energy audit is the perfect way to find out what exactly you can improve on when it comes to making your commercial premises more energy efficient. It allows you to find the route of your weaknesses, especially if you have noticed that your energy consumption is high, an audit could be crucial. 


Programming your lighting can make a massive difference to your energy bills and see your commercial premises improving its energy efficiency. This seems like an obvious point, but over 70% of wasted energy consumption is from unnecessary use of lighting in both the home and commercial premises. An easy and modern way to reduce your energy consumption is to install timers or motion sensor lighting that will ensure that wasted use of lighting is kept to the very minimum.


Educating and instilling the importance of energy efficiency into the employees working in your commercial premises is a key factor to making a start on improving the amount of energy your business is using. It is important to teach and remind your employees to follow energy saving guidelines and make energy efficiency a priority when using the environment. 


As well as having excellent practices and energy saving tools inside your commercial premises, it is important to be consistent with the maintenance on your energy sources and the building in general. Keeping your systems and building in good nick, including recognising faults as soon as possible can be really important to your mission to become more energy efficient. 

UK Electricals can assist you with your energy efficiency journey from performing audits to helping you to make a decision on useful tools that can preserve energy resources. We have a full range of energy saving services for commercial premises to take advantage of. 

Saving On Energy Costs In The Workplace

Due to the rise in concern and attention focused on the effects on the planet and global warming, it has become something that is becoming almost a subconscious concern in modern society, which is great. Being conscious of the effects that unnecessarily using electrical equipment is highly important to the planet and the pennies in your pocket. From leaving the lights on to leaving computers on constant standby, there are many ways we can reduce our energy consumption and have an impact on improving the environment around us. In this post we will be giving you some tips of how to reduce your energy consumption in the workplace, some that you may think are obvious but can have a huge impact on your energy bills and your contribution to the environment. 



Sounds obvious right!? But the most common unnecessary use of electricity is lights being left on. You can achieve less artificial lighting time by placing signs around the workplace by the light switches and use timer software to cut the lights when they are not needed. Another tech winner is motion censored lighting, that will automatically turn lights on and off dependant on presence. Although it may seem like you’re spending to achieve this, in the long term these tech investments will pay off in reduced billing. 


In this day and age there really is no excuse for not using energy efficient bulbs in the workplace, not just for the environments sake. There are so many benefits to using LED lighting, including a function span of an estimated 7 years. 


A common office energy faux pas is leaving IT equipment on standby, which means you are still burning energy even when you’re not in the office. Encouraging daily shut downs of IT equipment like monitors and utilising energy saving modes on equipment, could save you at least £35 a year on your energy bills by simply switching off.


Instead of using a server room full of equipment that you have barely any need for, going virtual with cloud platforms can save you a lot of money on your energy bills as it completely eliminates the need for physical equipment.  

Considering some energy efficient changes? Contact us at UK Electrical to see how we can help you save money on electric energy bills.

Electrical Maintenance Every Business Needs

Electrical components are one of the most complex and intricate systems in existence. Making sure you are aware of the electrical maintenance that is regularly required at your business premises is imperative to the safety of your employees and the building itself. UK Electrical offer a wide range of services when it comes to maintaining the electric systems and wiring in your business premises, we are sharing the most important maintenance you must carry out for your business consistently. 



One of the most important check ups that your business requires regularly, is fire alarm maintenance. The responsibility relies with you to maintain your fire alarm systems in your business premises, and you are required to have your fire alarms serviced at least every six months, with a fire alarm maintenance contract. Business owners should be checking their fire alarms every single day to ensure that you are providing optimum safety to your employees and their surroundings. 


PAT testing is the requirement by law for every single business to have anything they plug into the electric mains professionally tested and approved for safety of use. PAT testing is carried out to ensure that all electrical equipment that is classified as “portable” is deemed safe for use. The legislation deems that any competent person can perform it by using a PAT instrument or tester. The visual examination of each appliance in addition to the actual PAT test should be performed only by someone who is deemed competent.


Whilst not required by law, it is highly recommended that all businesses regularly undertake preventative maintenance to ensure that you are not faced with unexpected emergency repairs.Most electrical issues found in business premises are loose wiring or wearing, which are both slow burning issues that with intervention annually can be prevented instead of becoming an emergency repair issue. It is recommended that you have preventative maintenance annually. 



5 Reasons Renewable Energy Will Benefit Your Business

Some of the biggest businesses in the world have begun to turn to renewable energy sources to do their bit for the environment, this includes the likes of Google, Apple and IKEA, who are all investing money into wind energy. More and more businesses are reaping the benefits of renewable energy resources, and in this post we will explore the benefits of using renewable energy to power up your business. 



If you are using oil or natural gas to source the power in your building, you can expect extortionate and consistently rising bills every month. It is not rocket science to understand that as these resources become more and more unavailable, the price will increase. Solar energy offers consistently lower bills as the resources it uses are renewable, hence there is no decline in availability. Solar panels are a worthy investment, harvesting the sun light to power up your business is an intelligent business move that will save you thousands of pounds in the long run. 


They say good guys finish last, but when it comes to using renewable energy resources and making the considerate choice to help the environment is extremely attractive to customers and clients. It reflects well on your business, and screams innovative. Going green proves to your audience that you are considerate and conscious to issues that need to be tackled, which reflects in a way that shows customers that you have their best interests at heart. It could be the difference and a great USP against your competitors. 


Although it may seem like an expensive investment initially, any well run business will be more conscious and concerned about the ROI (return on investment) involved in the purchase. The money saved on energy bills will be huge and you could see yourself having several thousands pounds more profit over the year thanks to the reduction in paying out to energy companies. 


Investing in renewable energy source means that you can improve your company’s marketability with a new generation of consumers who are being exposed to more awareness of the effects on global warming and hence, more environmentally conscious. Not only is it a moral choice for your business, it will be a great way to market your business with a glistening halo that will be attractive to customers and clients. 


It is becoming obligatory applied that businesses need to take more responsibility in reducing their non renewable energy consumptions and pollution. Reducing your carbon footprint is important not only for the environment, but to comply with the government regulations -  Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme. To eliminate the need to be constantly reducing your consumption, switching over to renewable energy takes that weight off your mind and off your business. 

If you are interesting saving energy and reducing your businesses carbon footprint, we offer expert advice and assistance with energy saving at UK Electricals