A Quick Guide To Using Solar Energy To Power Your Business

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly preferred source of energy for homes and businesses alike. We are even now building new properties with solar panels as standard so that sustainable energy will become a more attractive option to home and business owners when they lease or purchase a property.


Before you take the leap to solar energy it is really important to understand what the benefits and consequences can be when transitioning to solar power.


The benefits of solar power are already extremely heavily documented, and without a doubt outweigh their negative counterparts.

  • Solar power will save you money over time on energy bills as you will be generating your own energy resources.
  • It allows you to do your bit for the planet. Our non-renewable energy sources are running shorter and shorter, not only that, they can be extremely detrimental to the atmosphere. Using solar power will mean you are using a sustainable energy source that does not have a negative effect on the planet. 
  • Low maintenance costs means you won’t have to worry too much about your solar panels too much. Getting them cleaned maybe two or three times a year will just keep them running efficiently. 


Although solar energy power has so many positive benefits that will save you money and contribute towards a cleaner, healthier planet, there are some disadvantages.

  • If you do not get around 5 hours of good sun light a day, you will struggle to power your business sufficiently to get you through the day. 
  • They come with an initial expense, if you do not have the solar panels already installed or the budget to spend on solar panels you may find that they will be an expense that you cannot afford. 

We recommend a gradual transition into solar energy, by using your solar energy on your smaller scale electrical resources before fully committing to a 100% solar fuelled building. There are so many variables of solar panels and as technology continues to develop, solar panels are coming in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs and demands of domestic and business premises. 

Maintaining and having a good understanding of your solar equipment should be the biggest priorities when you take the leap into solar energy. Having high expectations of the energy source without doing your research can reduce the ability of your panels and be detrimental to your supply. Making sure that you thoroughly research and fit the right solar panels for your premises, will optimise the results of your energy supply. 

At UK Electricals we can help you to gain a better insight into how you can get the most from your energy saving efforts and we can carry out an audit of your premises that will offer results that will enable you to make a better educated decision on changing your energy supply to something more sustainable.