4 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Commercial Lighting

Your commercial premises is the hub of your business and brand, so getting every aspect of the design and appearance of it is usually a top priority for business owners. An extremely common mistake and issue at commercial premises is installing the wrong lighting for the building. Creating a comfortable and appealing place to work for your employees is just as important as in turn, creating an attractive and welcoming environment for customers to visit. It’s easy to overlook how important lighting can be to our surroundings, especially how it can have a huge impact on our mood. Many businesses are victims of this faux pas, and is why in this post, we are exploring the four mistakes to avoid with your commercial lighting. 


The quality of your lighting is first and foremost, something worth considering. There is absolute no reason in 2019 why anyone should be using the bog standard bulbs over LED lighting. There are so many benefits to yourself and your business, the main benefit being the energy saving qualities that LED lighting provides, which consequently helps the environment and will save you more than pocket change on your electric bills.


Lack of lighting at your commercial premises can be beyond detrimental to your business. A business sat in the dark creates an image of gloomy and negative, it doesn’t exactly invite people in. All of your lighting should serve an identified purpose. Outdoor lighting should be provided to offer safety for your customers and make sure your advertising, offers and branding is all well lit to attract eyes to the areas you want customers to focus on.


Having one strip of bulbs running through the middle of the ceiling at your business premises is not enough to optimising the attraction of customers. Using a variety of lighting and fixtures to add to the decor and the atmosphere of the building. Obviously, all of the lighting and fixtures need to compliment each other and offer purpose, but getting creative with how you use your lighting is a great way to create a pleasant atmosphere. 


Relying on artificial lighting can be a necessity for some businesses, however if you can use natural lighting at certain parts of the day it’s important to use it. Natural lighting is by far the best lighting, and should be utilised where available. Not only is it free to use and safe for the environment, it is proven to boost moods, great for your health and promotes productivity. 

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